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Letting myself in the house, I was pleased with what I saw. Two Time and Fern were in my face with their guns pointing at me. They had to hear me creep up. I was quiet as hell too, so it was good they were paying attention. They needed to be on their P’s and Q’s always. A smirk tugged at my lips as their expressions changed when they saw it was me.
“Aw, fuck. What up, Sheka,” Two Time gave me a head nod and went back to what he was doing. “What you doin’ here?”
“Comin’ to make sure y’all ain’t fuckin’ up nothin’.”
“Nah, never that,” Fern said. “We stay on top of shit.”
“Hell yeah,” Two Time agreed.
“I see. I guess I can give y’all that. Is anyone else here?”
“Rocko, but he down in the basement baggin’.”
“A’ight. I’m about to go check on him, then I’m out. Don’t get caught slippin’,” I yelled over my shoulder.
The moment I hit the top step to the basement, I knew Rocko was up to no good. Instead of hearing the sealer running, low music was playing and the aroma of loud was strong. Shaking my head, I quietly made my way down the steps. Rocko was laid back while some hoe gave him head. His eyes were closed, so I retrieved my gun and fired right above his head.
“The fu... Sheka?”
“This doesn’t look like fuckin’ work to me, Rocko! You need to tell your guest to leave before I make her myself, and we both know it won’t be pretty,” I promised with a smile and my gun pointed at her. “1… 3.”
“Yo, what the fuck?” Rocko screamed as the bitch’s body slumped with his dick in her mouth. Her blood and brain matter were all over his crisp white tee. I kissed the barrel of my gun and placed it back in its rightful place.
“You know the deal. This shit right here is off limits. Next time, she won’t be the only one dead.”
Leaving, I winked at him and strutted back up the stairs. I said bye to Two Time and Fern. I would let Dee know about Rocko. He was getting too comfortable, and that’s never a good thing.
“Sheka! Hol’ up!”
“What Rocko?”
“How’s Kiyah? She good? Does she need anything?”
“Yeah, she needs you to be there for her instead of just givin’ me money. I appreciate the financial help with her, but she needs her father in her life.”
 That’s right. Rocko was my baby’s daddy. Rocko and I used to mess around for a long time, and one night we slipped up. Since that night, shit between us had never been the same. He distanced himself from me, but always gave me money to do what I needed for her. When I lost her brother, he took it hard too. I didn’t see him go through it, but Dee and Markees told me about it. I think that made him push away more. It wasn’t until Kiyah was here when he spoke to me again. Since then, our communication had gotten better, but I don’t know why he won’t be a father to her.
“Man, look,” he sighed, rubbing his hand over his bare face. “I’m tryin’ to get some shit together. I’m gon’ be there one day, I swear.”
“If you’re not here now, you don’t need to be when she’s older. I’ll be done raised her all the way by then. There won’t be a need for you,” I shouted in between tears. I wanted to shoot him, but the love I had in my heart for him wouldn’t let me. Backing away, he reached out for me, but I shook my head no. “Now or never, Rocko.”