CEO of Urban Chapters Publications

Jahquel J.  CEO

 Staten Island’s very is own, Jahquel Jacobs, has taken the literary world by storm. Since her induction in 2014 she has penned 42 titles to-date, with Royalty Publishing House. Her catalog includes but is not limited to the best selling B.A.E series, Crack Money Cocaine Dreams, A Woman’s Worth, and many more.

In 2015,  Jahquel J. started her own company, As if penning books wasn’t enough. Jahquel, has went on to explore the world of publishing and launched  Urban Chapters Publications LLC, where she have published and led numerous authors to the best sellers list as well.

Even with 42 titles penned, Jahquel has no plans on stopping. Writing has been a passion of hers and she plans to keep doing what she loves.
To inspire and mentor, Jahquel has started the YAS Gurl Organization. At the center of YAS Gurl is an author boot camp where Jahquel provides the necessary tools for aspiring, and even current authors to succeed and grow. For More information on that visit

To stay abreast all things Jahquel and Urban Chapters Publications, please text  UCP to 22828. Never miss a sneak peek or new release again.

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